malang is one town in east java province indonesia, how have a lot a vacation place, like a bromo, and sempu island, but malang also produce a big number of dairy from local farmer, from the goat farmer, and cow farmer for decade, but sadly they sell mostly of the milk to the big corporation, and it decreased the number of dairy farmer in malang, one of the problem mainly from market monopoly from big corporation and need for local dairy industry how can support the demand of milk.
my name is danang banyu, i am a cheese maker how start making cheese when i saw most of cheese in indonesian is processed cheddar cheese, or really expensive import cheese from other continents, whereas with indonesian natural resource and abundance milk farmer, i can produce a good quality cheese, and experiment with local spices and herb for new kind of cheese.
now i only produce a mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese, i really need your support for enlarge my business, to open my own cheese shop, and buy proper cheese making equipment how can help me to experiment for fusion the regular cheese with indonesian local spices and herbs for produce new kind of cheese


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