What do you feel, when take vacation in indonesian, and taste a cheese how similar with cheese from your home, or taste the cheese that completely new for you, maybe you will gone feel like home, or wondering what is the recipe for this cheese ?

After you feel that, imagine that cheese produce by local cheese maker from indonesia, how crafting cheese to provide local business such as bakery, hotel, restaurant and all the ingredient came from the local farms.

Today, Sawoo’s cheese take a big step to become that one how have ability to do that work, transform the local ingredient such as milk, and spices (some of this not yet discover in international market) into new unnamed cheese, and still provide the named cheese like a stretchy mozzarella, ricotta etc.

Establish in february 2015, Sawoo’s cheese began with some cheese lover from same food tech faculty in their collage in Malang indonesia, began to make their own cheese since most cheese in indonesia is process cheese and over price import cheese from other continen

Today sawoo’s cheese provide reasonable price fresh cheese in the market, and began provide our own restaurant how serve pizza, some bakery and brewing our indonesian best coffee, and still provide local business in Malang and other City in indonesia.

Our main idea in sawoo’s cheese is to only use local ingredient (except rennet, we still buy it from europe) provide by dairy farm how grew big in Malang Indonesia since a decade earlier, and local indonesian spice how famous since colonisation era century ago.

In the other hand, our framework in production is zero waste, and it even better, since we came from food tech degree, we process our whey milk into nutrition dairy cow drink, since dry season in indonesian cut the supply of fresh grass for the farms.

That why we urge to introduce our business, protect our supply chain and environment and then offer our yet european cheese product influence, and Indonesian style cheese to indonesian local community, and one day international community, from local cheese artisan in little town in Malang to every cheese lover out there.

 Our Location

Our cheese maker shop located at _________ in the heart of Malang, and between two big university , and will be our production house, and cheese shop.

Our location near Malang Landmark such as jl. Ijen, Tugu, and museum (5 minutes away), and 10 yard from steak and shake restaurant, 50 yard from other gourmet restaurant.


We believe, passion is a key for ever crafting job, including cheese making, that why we began our job as cheese making, we not only produce cheese, we also produce yogurt and kefir to as beverage, and all costumer how came by can see the cheese making process and we have a class for you to learn how to produce it, so we will be the local place how cover most dairy product and bring them to the people.

Why We Will Be Successful

First we have big market that need cheese product, that is tourism sector how grew over year, and european food restaurant sector (mostly italian food) that need cheese for their costumer, and every restaurant need cheese, since we located in Malang Indonesia, how it self have Tourism spot such as Bromo, and we near other Tourism spot city like a bali, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.

Malang itself annually produce 91,000 liter milk, that why we urge to transform that milk into good quality cheese, and help this sector grow and there is still few cheese artisan in Indonesia, that make us want to learn more and share more to this sector and community

Our goal is to produce delicious, healthy and ecologically sound food for a local market.

Our creamery will join a growing local network of small purveyors of fresh, farm-to-table products, farm-to-table banquets, farmers markets, local restaurants and cafes.

What Your Pledge Goes Towards

we have secure the loan for our shop and production house (we really working for it), but we still in short for some equipment that required for bigger production scale (and fit the production house) approximately $10,000 This is where YOU come in! There’s no reason for this to stop us and we know that this community knows a good thing when it sees it! This is why we are stepping out and asking you to be part of this incredible local food movement! Every dollar counts and no contribution is too small! That’s how Kickstarter works!

So, please pledge what you can and then share, share, share!!!

Risks and challenges

We are limited with how much we can produce, so if we have to expand to a larger place there could be a delay. The place we would expand, however, is right next door: the Alpha Building. We are sourcing local milk locally, however, we may have to buy from Strauss Family Farm while our dairy farmers get their Grade A rating. There may be limitations on resources…. but they’re growing as we speak!


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