here the thing

its began 2 day ago when bebek simply ask me about if, if i will leaving indonesian to live in the other country, make a choice.

wo what i choose? since i every study the france, simply my answer is france, but she say france its not really welcome to muslim community, and she suggest sweden, what? sweden?

the only thing that i know about sweden is, pewdiepie born in sweden, and some bad word that pewdiepie always yell in his channel, so what next?

of course i ask her, why? why sweden? first thing that came in his goddamn mind is sweden are welcome to every religion, and soon i know sweden is welcome to everyone, even with lesbian, homo, and bi,  in sweden, everything is equal, no wonder why their flag is blue.

but i dont really care about that, since i don’t wear hijab, and thing that come to my mind and make me feel interesting to sweden is, their no hierarchy in their collage,that blow my mind, i want to take my master in there, and i mean it.

i do hate getting master degree, since my bachelor degree is suck ball, i do hate the way indonesian lecture treating his student, it’s like a master and his dog, we working in one big line of hierarchy and that the main reason why i do hate continuing my study in indonesian, and sweden perking me with free to speak, and do the opinion from other direction or perspective, and that thing mostly i don’t get here.

so, sweden? maybe. that place is becoming my goal now.

darn you bek


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