dear udin

dear udin

i leaving to surabaya this morning, if you take my notice this morning you must be reading this note now, so i will stay in my grandparent house in surabaya for five day and i need your help to take care of my house, so here the helping list that you can do, and you can use my tv and xbox but remember to tidy up when needed,

don’t forget take abel, my dog for walk every 4pm for 30 minutes and if you hungry you can get some food in the fridge but some of that food still raw, so you can use my kitchen, if the gas for the stove out, you can get one delivering from number i pinned in fridge door, use your money first i change your money later, and don’t forget my neighbour had a baby 4 day ago, so after 8 pm please don’t make any stupid noise that can make my neighbour mad at me, okey, thank a lot udin for your assistance.

ps. i store the dog food in the cabinet, give it one 2 cup at 8am and 6pm, don’t spoiled by dog




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