why we fight

the beginning

my name is alex, i start this job as really sneaky delivery boy since i was 12 year old, and 10 years later, i was professional delivery man, mostly i delivered drugs and sometime some mysterious box from man how i don’t really wanna know, to some chinese guy in some slumber place, and i took inter continent delivering, but i it will cost a lot of money since the risk pretty high, like a being arrested, and some country have undescribed evil cop how how big money to, so it’s cut from a payment and i will got not  that huge load of cast, so, i was the professional, and if you need my help, just reach me

the story

the story begin last week went some chinese old man recruit me for some packet delivery, and since he know me from my old friend, i take take assessment, and maybe nobody talk to that stupid chinese old man that i don’t take human as packed, so it’s one of my problem now and  that human being that i took as packed is a girl, really beautiful girl, so what should i do then? she is not speak english, she only know mandarin or some i don’t understand language that really stroming by brain.

now she on my boat, and i must delivering this packed into other city in this state, it only took 3 day, but now it was a week pass, and i stranded in this little island because she cut the fuel line when i don’t seeing her, darn, okay it’s my false since i don’t know how sneaky she was.

the anti climax

now my colleague search me with his helicopter with some fuel and food, but the weather took a part for this delay, oke the chinese man will really -really mad at me, but i do have the reason to being mad to, since i don’t take life packed for delivery, i ever took some biggest risk then that like nuclear warhead from russian guys but, that warhead never cut my fuel hose and make me stranded here.

do you think this was the worse? okey, here the story now, the chinese man do the search for me and the packed to, so today after my colleague came the chinese old man came with his man, and you can guest what happened next, he really mad, and pointing a gun from his copper and start to firing us down.

maybe he really want to kill me, but how’s care, now gunfire happened in small island in southeast archipelago, and do i fuck that, i took the RPG from my deck and start to aiming that chopper.

the end

here the thing, the chinese man dead, and i was hunted by some chinese guy, so i  quit this job and search for my master degree and start the new life


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