life is strange

life is strange

there was a time when the life kicked you right in the face, but some time life embrace you and put you in the highest place, and wait for the right time to knock you back down, and then, he give you rope to climb back, but when you almost reach the top, he snap the rope and you back free falling, but life set a branches on the side of the hill, so you can hold your body in there, and heal for a while, the climb again.

yes, life is an asshole, but life sometime pretty kind to you, like when he set you to the most beautiful woman in town, or when you win the lottery and you can treat your family in the fancy restaurant, but still he will knocking you down when you in no alert, and yes, his punch will stronges then muhammad ali.

but still, life play in mysterious way, you can predict what will happened to you next, just like i don’t know what will happened to me when i walk out from this room after finishing this this post, and nobody know what will happend to this city now.

so, life is strange


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