my life in cartoon network??

i remember back then when i still infan, i love watching cartoon in local TV channel, tom and jerry, voltron, or whatever is that, i love every bit of that, anime to, so i watch sailor moon and wedding peach, but it’s not for weird reason, as a kid, i love every cartoon stuff.

but when you grew older, you will met playstation and other game that will turn your cartoon hobbies ito rubbish, and your life becoming puzzle solver on silent hill game or as jill valentine in resident evil 3, you name it, but sometime when you grow a beard a little bit taller and fatter, you will realize, you still have inner childish kid that always drive your hobbies into something that woman can’t understand, yes, that kinda stupid hobbies like airsoft, gundam, diecast car, RC stuff, and as my self, i have spend most of my free time watching film, so it’s really make sense (for me) to back as infant watching cartoon network.

yes, i watch cartoon network, and nickelodeon all day long for this weekday, very unproductive (i still give time from learning other stuff in 3 pm – 8 pm, bdw), but most of the time watching spongebob, oggy and cockroaches, timmy turner, adventure time, and other cartoon that i don’t even grow with but it’s fun.

convention time? yes, i love that, but did it will last? no, so i will marathon to watch every cartoon that the cannel offer, and when i got borring, i will back to national geographic wild (as a kid, i love watching animal planet to, so it’s not that different then cartoon network bay the way)

so, here come nothing !!


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