pardone me

dear hanna

i am sorry to inform you that your dog was taking to the hospital yesterday due to incident that happened between your dog and local motorcycle boy, the boy said your dog suddenly ran out to the street an lack of experience to drive the motorcycle the boy was injuring your dog, but your dog condition was fine, only few broken bone, and your dog will have a problem walking since his feed bone had broke, and the doctor must apply gips, but over all your dog is fine.

the boy will meeting you when you come back, and please don’t be mad to him, he still 17th years old, and just a month ago got the motorcycle driving license, and since you leave the dog with lack of supervisor, it’s not his 100% false, right? and neither your 100% false to, so hanna,  he is nice boy i hope as you come home, both of you will get along.

ps. his mom was a nice lady to.




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