Yoga is haram ?

MUI banned the yoga for all muslim community in indonesia, this banned action occurred due popularity of yoga itself in indonesian community, since many popular pop-artist expressed their physical healthiness since practicing yoga, and with their propositional body the yoga going populair.

MUI claim that yoga have a bad effect to the muslim community since yoga it self was an ritual for buddhist people, like a monk and people how search for inner god and sincerity of life.

but in fact, most of muslim community how practice yoga don.t really know about the bad effect that MUI afraid of, most of the just practicing yoga for their physical benefits, such as maintain body weight, being health, increase their vitality, and they don’t really want to search other God or belief other the Allah, so in this case MUI as an indonesian highest islamic rule maker in indonesian just being to hurry for making a decision.

the author self opinion said, yoga only going to be haram only when the practitioner going depend on it as answer of they problem, and basicly dont belive in Allah as Muslim God, so as long the benefits of yoga is much higher, it’s can’t be haram, because haram is a label for matter that dis benefiting the muslim and islam community (such as tobacco, but maybe people in MUI smoke, so they don’t want to ban it, or cigarette company bride them? how’s know).


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