dear electron #1

i have a boat, it’s not a big boat, just a little cozy boat with screw that always wrecking that need to fix every morning when i wake in the middle of nowhere.

the boat have a sail that powering the boat that accelerate when breeze wind blow every day, but some time the breathe was to weak to push the boat.

i have a boat, with no compass, but luckily i have a little knowledge about start so i can heading the boat to the east, to where the sun approach every morning.

i have the boat, today was a strange one, there is no wind blow since morning and now the sun almost down, and i spend the time try to catch the fish but i still luck is not in my side today, there is no fish, so i spend the day only eat canned bean and wondering the star at night.

i have the boat, it was a week since there is no wind blow, i stuck in here without any sign i will sail this day, there is no food, only rain that provide me with water, plenty fresh water since the rain down all offer the day, only rain without wind or storm.

i start to talk gibberish and mumbling about the future, and spending my day try to catch the fish, and swimming, there is no wave or fish, of anything, my food supply start running low since there is no fish in my diet, and only water was supplied by mother nature and i was start to going crazy

i have a boat, that bored me nowhere, in the nowhere ocean, and i open the sail wide open everyday try to catch the wind to get the fuck out from this damned sea into somewhere.

i have the boat, that drive me crazy and i fall into the water, i floated and there is nothing.


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