black beard

i am stuck in this dest for an hour now, and i just type, highlight it, and delete, the rewrite everything for nothing, i lost a passion to write something now, and it was happened since 2 day ago.

i just doing some design work, and i do that for free, since i do have a lot freetime and they need it fast and never thought about how to pay me, because someday they will pay me with kindness and they awe me anyway, so i do that kind a volunteering just because i got the trouble got throw this dead end thought just to write some shit.

by the way, for min chilling stuff, llet chit chat about my beard, yes i grow the beard now, not a splendid epic huge black and glory beard, just regular beard that grow for 2 week, no fancy and it’s still awful but maybe this one i will keep until becoming epic, why this one? maybe because i never really have a beard, i ever some couple time dating a girl how love man with beard (maybe that the reason she dating me) but i never grow the big one, it is feel weird and itchy sometime, and i have no patient for that, then my colleague said that i look like really old man, i know they just teasing but back then i keep that seriously so i cut the beard down and keep it clean.


then this one, i thing i need one of my life epic beard pic that really look like man from dark ages.

so, i just want to cosplaying the dark age’s man? not really, i remember some dude say to me, every white collar rat in government are shave, so man with the epic beard was a good guy after all, and i do find nouble good man from the past mostly have a beard and man how gro the epic beard must be the most patient man, why? it’s itchy and sometime feel uncomfortable in the first time, but when you had one, it will just fine.


yes, every good man (and hipster) should grow the epic beard, that the sign that you was a man after all.

viva la beard


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