abroad ?

going abroad is never be my dream, i love my homeland very much, except the weather, it’s so humid and sweaty, don’t really love that, but the scenic road that i spend in every journey that i done past 8 years just keep in my mind, everything just feels right, the sun, the mountain, the river, or people but…

but if you don’t have a dream that make you scare, your dream not big enough, right?

yes, my dream now is continuing my study abroad and maybe get a job there, cuz why not? and deeply i want to learn everything from there and apply what i learn back in indonesian, sound crazy and idiot?


yes, maybe it just an idiot, but do every great idea came from idiot mind, then that what i got, so where i will go?

europe? of course, i don’t really need studying some alien language (not really, but compare to china and some asian symbolic language, yes), so where exactly i wanna go? maybe UK, but since i don’t really know that country except the language (that i learn since 4 grade), so i choose sweden, why? i don’t know, maybe the technology that they offer to study of.

so, how? i don’t know, maybe i will got some IELTS certificate first the apply, that all..

that simple? i don’t know, i always believe that every shade of gray will be no more when we keep rolling (moving), and humongous wall of ignorance will be tear down, yes that simple.

but you must understand that moving is never be easy.


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