steamy day

darn it, malang over 3 day in just like a steamy sauna, and that really help me making the pool in my back and soaking my matras, that awful, i can’t take a nap anymore.

this condition occurred when the temperature rise and the humidity is between 90-98%, or in my opinion is mainly because the humidity itself, in the morning the temperature quaid  normal between 25-27 celsius, but when the humidity rise it’s getting steamy already, not mention at noon the temperature reaching 30′, so be it, it was steamy day in malang.

the thing that i hate, mostly hate is when you really tired and take a nap (even know you will end up in sweaty pool) you will waking up in the worse situation, mentally and physically, you feel in really bad mood, you were exhausted not fresh, that horrible, and hideous.

the solution?

there is no quaite good solution for that  condition, since i can’t stand with the fan, and i can’t afford air conditioner (and that maybe stupid, because it will completely useless when cold weather in malang back) and i can’t open my room door when i sleep, that non ethical and vulgar for people.

so, here there is, the steamy day in malang.


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