you will dead, anyway.

it’s still morning but i will talk about gloomy topic, yes dead, thing that always sneaking in your back and will always be there waiting for the right moment to catch you, hunt you down, and take you away from family meeting permanently and yes that yet so darn far to feel dead will occuring soon, but dead always will come.


we will see the dead as something different went he catch people that you love first and put you in miserable condition first (yet he doesn’t get you) the what he want? did he want you to feel condemned in this world? or he just play around? or i don’t know, first he take people that you love, then maybe someday soon he will take you, nobody know when, only dead itself know, yes he such as douchebag.

so what dead teach you?

i do hate to admit that he teach me to be stronger person, and honoring every moment that i have wit every people that i love, or i do not love, yes time, he teach me how to earn it.

when my dad past away, i was in 6 grade and i was just too young to take it seriously, so i grow in the little bit different method then rest of the boy in my neighborhood, yes i am a different, but yes not a special, maybe just little bit stronger inside, but yes if you ask do i cry a lot for being different, and yes the dead really have butterfly effect with my life back then, so maybe i will curse dead, or i do thank for whatever he do to my life directly or indirectly.

the moral value?

you will dead anyway, soon or latter, so count on every second that you have.

tack sa mycket, hej da


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