now i life in makassar, the biggest city in celebs yet.




if you ask me how the fudge i am doin here, do i permanently life here or, or do i here just for a moment? iam gladly say that iam in between.

yes, iam in here just for working, and i do hope its not permanent, and i do hope it just not goin just for a couple mount (cuz that will be suck).

so i was working for food and beverage company that was huge in indonesia, and some country in south easy asian, we provide coffee and donuts, and stuff like bread etc, i work as quality assurance, people how checkin quality in every store in celebs, its that mean i will go arround celebs for a job, but iam still in makassar for a main base, and i dont have an office here (my office is actually on south tangerang).


so, enough for introducing what was iam doin, now lets talk about makassar, first impression in makassar, yes different culture mainly on how they talking (dialect) its completely different from my culture (Javanese, of course!) and how other part its 90% same, the food, ouch, that was not on the strong site of makassar, cuz mostly food vendor here came from java, yes i do eat nasi goreng jakarta again in makassar, mie ayam solo again in makassar, that kinda food that mainly i eaten back then in java, so if you cant eat a local makassar’s food like coto, palubasa, sup sodara etc. you will a 100% fine here, the bakso its 100% authentic like what used you eat in main land.




there was a big down site that maybe will make you disappointing here, its some time you cant get stuff that you really want, for a main stuff you 100% cant obtained here, but when it you need a stuff that little bit specific, its goin tobe kinda tricky yoo.. like ukulele, you cant find any of that in makassar, guitarlele with good neck condition, that hard too, an upgrade for your mobile sim (from 3G to 4G) that will be a mount waiting list and etc. for the solution is order it online from the available online shop, and that suck!

but, makassar its nice place, its humid, but i will get used to it.

so i will be here for a years maybe least, i start here on 20th july 2016. so its been almost 2 mount now.



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